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Wanting to respond in a meaningful way to the terrible bushfires the country has experienced over the past months, Boom Gallery have worked with some of their key artists to curate a group exhibition in order to fundraise and help alleviate some of the impact many have experienced from the fires.

All works in the exhibition have been donated and will be available for purchase with 100% of proceeds going to people in need. The works will be sold via a silent auction with reserves well below usual sale prices. Interested parties will have the opportunity to bid over the course of the exhibition.

Artworks included will be from Boom artists such as: Ingrid Daniell, Harry McEvoy, Jiri Tibor Novak, Isobel Rayson, Ben Crawford, Shelley McKenzie, Cricket Saleh, Jeff Raglus, Amber Stokie, Sarah Kelk, Dean De Landre, Tarli Glover and more...

I am pleased to be donating the work above, 'Marble Skies', to this fundraiser.


'Marble Skies'

Acrylic on Canvas, Framed in Tasmanian Oak

44cm x 36cm, 2019


"I love living in Australia, and even thought I wasn’t born here, like so many of you, I feel such a strong connection to this wonderful land that we all call home.

The importance of our personal connection to landscape is so often overlooked, yet when our landscape is threatened, as we can have all recently experienced, it elicits powerful and emotional responses.

Alongside so many of you, my heart broke watching this beautiful country burn. I’m devastated, angry, sad and feel utterly helpless. Please call out our government and continue projecting the message that we need to take action NOW on climate change. The more voices heard, the stronger our message", Sarah Kelk, 2020

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