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I'm super excited to finally share what I've been busy working on with the amazing

team at Boom Gallery. 'Internal Geometries', a group exhibition featuring Ellie Malin, Alichia van Rhijn and myself is now open. Each of these artists use form and structure in their work to process and explore memories, experiences and the subconscious.


Group Show // Boom Gallery

October 7th - 31st

Boom Gallery, 11 Rutland Street, Newtown, VIC 3220

There is a harmonious tension to these new works as slabs of colour, both dense and soft, float weightlessly though space. Elements of geometric structure appear in almost all areas of the works, with rigid lines and flat solid blocks of colour softly dissolving at the edges. Expressive textures layered amongst the works provide energy and life, reminding us that these works are built up layer by layer over time.

The fluid quality in my practice is achieved through a playful process of intuition and improvisation, as I gradually build up layers of paint, with no end goal in sight. Residue of gestures and under layers is always present, with watery washes and drips of blue streaking through the backgrounds, suggesting stormy skies and memories from times gone by. Layered on top of these charged surfaces, I build up juicy blocks of opaque paint resembling architecture against the sky. These block of colour hover intimately close to one another, creating a harmonious tension with the layers beneath to create a floating abstract world.



For all sales enquiries, please email

Or you can view all available works here.

All exhibition photography by Carli Wilson


Morning Light



After much deliberation, I have decided to add a new print into the mix,

taken from a very personal original work of mine.

This print is moody, but its also uplifting!

I'm also pleased to let you know that 50% from every 'Morning Light'

print sale will be donated to charities to raise funds for mental health services,

specifically to help lower rates of suicide. 50% from each print sale will

be donated to Lifeline, Beyond Blue and I am Hope.

"This dark and moody piece was the first work I painted

after loosing my Dad to suicide in 2019.

They were stormy days. I'm hoping to help create something

positive out of such a tragic event, which is why I'm donating 50%

from all sales of this print to both Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

Thank you for your support. It means the world to me", Sarah Kelk.

I'm super excited to finally announce what I've been busy working on with the amazing

team at Modern Times. My solo show 'Everyday Ephemera' is now open, and I am so thrilled to people are now able to see the exhibition in person (a major highlight despite the challenges of 2020).


Solo Show // Modern Times

October 29th - November 12th

Modern Times, 311 Smith Street, Fitzroy, VIC 3065

This new body of work is an introspective series of abstract paintings inspired by my personal world, a world that like everybody else's, shifted so dramatically in 2020. I began to look closer to home for inspiration, in particular, within the walls of my own studio and the library of visual inspiration and mementos I have collected over many years.

With lockdowns in place due to Covid-19, my focus very much moved inwards. I was seeking simplicity – and reaching out to the comforts and connections of what surrounded me. My studio wall and its snippets from decades of collecting provided me with pops of colour, moody hues, strong shapes and landscape photos. These collected and curated inspirations proved to be the perfect inspirations for this personal body of work.

Everyday Ephemera follows the trajectory of past shows as my work became both simultaneously more structured and more relaxed; small areas of colour have given way to large swathes of paint with hard edges. The tighter compositions of earlier work have been released, allowing these blocks of colour to take on a more floaty quality as layers of underpainting become visible in between. The subtly directional brushwork and layering bring a moody yet soft, fluid energy to each work.



​Pre-sales for this show start from 10am on Thursday October 22nd.

For all sales enquiries, please email

Or you can view all available works here.

Or, if you fancy getting an in depth look,

you can jump in and take a VIRTUAL TOUR!

All exhibition photography by Elise Scott

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