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Group Exhibition  //  Modern Times

July 1st -13th 2021

Modern Times, 311 Smith Street, Fitzroy, VIC 3065


 Chromatic Retreat showcases the work of 17 Australian artists exploring their practice within the limits of a largely achromatic palette. 

As a choice for photographers, black and white has persisted throughout history for its power to convey emotion, character, mood, and emphasise contrast and texture.

The black and white palette is moody, evocative and nostalgic. It is fundamentally abstract. It suggests rather than describes. And it has a long history in art – for reasons that range from the conceptual, to the technical to the spiritual, artists have long experimented with the power of removing colour. Chromatic Retreat is a homage to this tradition.

Feel free to view the full Chromatic Retreat catalogue

which has 28 works from 17 artists.

Pre-sales for this show open at 10am on June 24th.


The Morning After A Storm

acrylic on linen

62cm x 82cm //  framed in blue painted Tasmanian Oak


$2190 (SOLD)

available at Modern Times from June 24th (when pre-sales open)

For sales enquiries, email:



“As someone who relies heavily on the interactions of colour when painting, I admit that tackling a work with an achromatic basis was a challenge to get my head around. Thankfully, once I started painting, the balance of black, white and all the shades in-between was a real joy to work with. With some soft colour washes underneath to start with, I then built up layer by layer with deep charcoals and soft greys, resulting in a very moody but expressive work."




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