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I'm super excited to finally share what I've been busy working on with the amazing

team at Boom Gallery. 'From Place To Place', my latest solo show is now open.

Group Show // Boom Gallery

February 23rd - March 19th

Boom Gallery, 11 Rutland Street, Newtown, VIC 3220

Drawn to compositions and arrangements which continually intersect and play off each other, From Place to Place by Sarah Kelk explores the active balancing of harmony and tension between colour, shape and form.

Within each work is an exploration of intersecting relationships curated layer upon layer, building up to create new narratives which often place themselves somewhere between restfulness and tension.

From the energetic and organic under layers, which add a vital calmness, to the bold and often playfully geometric layers which follow, it often feels as through there is a collision in every part of the canvas. From a place of harmony to a place of tension, as if we are viewing these works through some sort of window with an ever-changing and dramatic landscape filled with strong and colourful interwoven shapes.


For all sales enquiries, please email

Or you can view all available works here.

All exhibition photography by Carli Wilson

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