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One of the longest debates in the art world surrounds itself around whether or not "Painting is Dead" - infamously spoken by Paul Delaroche in 1839 upon seeing the Daguerreotype for the first time. After centuries of debate, Back and Dead doesn't seek to claim painting as dead or alive. Back and Dead instead provides insight into contemporary painting in Melbourne in 2017 and asks audiences to make up their own mind about the state of the medium.

Featuring work from Ajay Jennings, Matthew Dettmer, Stephen Baker, Tai Smith and myself, 'Back and Dead' opens on August 17th from 6-8pm (and runs until September 12th 2017).

Check out one of the pieces I have in the show below. This work is up for sale (with pre-sales now open). For more info, email, and lock August 17th into your diary for opening night!


'Intergrated', acrylic on canvas, framed in Tasmanian Oak

104cm x 104cm, $3380 / available from Junior Space

I recently sat down with the team from Sight Unseen and had a chat about my current inspirations, intuitive process and David Hockney. Head over to their site, have a browse and check out their interview with me!

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