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ALL THINGS NOW // Solo Show // Modern Times

July 23rd - August 6th // Opens 23rd July, 6-8pm

Modern Times, 311 Smith Street, Fitzroy, VIC 3065

For catalogue and pre-sale enquiries, please email

All Things Now is a series of original paintings focusing on visual memory and the intersections, patterns and repeated use of a strong colour palette. Using references of nature, architecture and decorative arts, Sarah encompasses the feeling of these inspirations rather than portraying an objective image.

With multiple layers and subtle references, each time one views a piece, new shapes, permutations and ideas comes forward to the viewer.

HELLO POLLY HOME // New Collection

Check out a couple of the new campaign shots from the latest Hello Polly Home collection. It features loads of giclee prints taken from some of my original paintings, plus some pretty fine homewares too! Check it out!

Pics by Brooke Holm and styling Marsha Golemac

Loving this new moody mid century campaign shot from the lovely folk at Modern Times. Im chuffed to have my piece, patchwork, sitting alongside the amazing work of Brooke Holm and a pretty cool Hans Wegner plank chair! Very nice indeed.

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